Orchard Valley

Orchard Valley is a very peaceful and prosperous land nestled within the Geweldig Mountains. This particular valley has been owned and overseen by the Masterson family for hundreds of years. The origin and ancestral history of the Mastersons is unknown. The Order, interestingly enough, has kept their hands out of the "cookie jar" that is Orchard Valley. It seems as though the Mastersons and The Order have always had some kind of "Understanding."

Here are some key locations and places of interest within Orchard Valley:

Durro Town


Tainted Hill

The Gorik Blastforge Farm

Keels Fishery

Lake Hyal

Porrts Orchard and Cidery

Korokus Farm

Masterson Estate

The Grove

The Nuricson Farm

Temple Ruins

Shrine for the Fallen

Froglodyte Village

Halfling Settlement



Orchard Valley

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