• Alexander Lunacrest

    Alexander Lunacrest

    Unmatched skill with a blade and tactical ability. Lead Orchard Valley's forces to the Wall of Man.
  • Avillandra


    Nomadic and mysterious, this druid is the mother to Vidarra Birchwood. Avillandra has not been seen since shortly after her daughter's birth.
  • Baroness Akta Flarehaven

    Baroness Akta Flarehaven

    Owner and heir to the Flarehaven Keep and its lands. Leader of "Starflare"
  • Bridget Lunacrest

    Bridget Lunacrest

    Thrivlen's herbalist. Eldest daughter of Alexander & Miranda.
  • Commander Ashmore Drakeesiss

    Commander Ashmore Drakeesiss

    2nd in command to the Baroness and commander of the Flarehaven Keep forces.
  • Fafnir


    Son of Volsung.
  • Gorik Blastforge

    Gorik Blastforge

    The creator of the famous Blastforge Ale.
  • Keeper Brik Hammeroath

    Keeper Brik Hammeroath

    Personal bodyguard to the Baroness Akta Flarehaven
  • Koroku the Ox driver

    Koroku the Ox driver

    Master Ox breeder. Old as dirt. Drinks like a fish.
  • Marcus "Hands" Birchwood

    Marcus "Hands" Birchwood

    This giant of a man was once a wild barbarian, came to Orchard Valley to live out his life in peace and solitude. He died at the Wall of Man.
  • Mcquee Hagen

    Mcquee Hagen

    A kind and gentle woodworker and proud father to the honorable Luca Hagen. Died at the Wall of Man.
  • Milly Kaplon

    Milly Kaplon

    Swordmaster and teacher. Proprietor of Thrivlen's Great Hall.
  • Miranda Lunacrest

    Miranda Lunacrest

    Wife and mother to Thrivlen's most exceptional family.
  • Nils Omillow

    Nils Omillow

    Mayor of Thrivlen
  • Penny Omillow

    Penny Omillow

    Ranger from Thrivlen. Poor mannered yet polite. Fierce with a bow.
  • Rawl Hinzman

    Rawl Hinzman

    Master Craftsman. Practically runs all of the lumber business in Orchard Valley.
  • Rovilliard


    Lonely (and lone) defender of Orchard Valley.
  • Ruca Hagen

    Ruca Hagen

    Quiet and simple. Beautiflul and proud. Widow to Mcquee Hagen and mother to Luca Hagen
  • Saphrin Lunacrest

    Saphrin Lunacrest

    Troublesome 14 year old. Idolizes her older brother Desmond.
  • Solomon


    The town Librarian, Historian, and Scribe. He is a mentor to Kalec Lunacrest.
  • Syllaria Masterson

    Syllaria Masterson

    Ulric's older sister and heiress to the Masterson estate.
  • Ulric Masterson

    Ulric Masterson

    Wealthy land owner