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The Sunken Temple

The Sunken Temple

Desmond Lunacrest, Kalec Lunacrest, Luca Hagen, and Radess all made their way south out of Thrivlen towards the Temple Ruins. Fully geared and ready for anything.  Ulric Masterson had paid the boys to go to the temple entrance and clear out any Tainted that might be hanging about.

They trudged and swam through a thick swamp for almost an hour before reaching the temple ruins. It was there that they saw a camp fire burning and small figures milling about the entrance. The four adventureres decided to make a direct assault, going up the front steps to the temple and attack them head on. As they made their way up the steps they realized they'd be tangling with Kobolds.

These Kobolds were obviously different than the others they've engaged before, these ones were covered in black scales and had large protruding horns. They'll still bleed right? Desmond thought so… After a flurry of dagger throws a couple of Kobolds fell dead to the floor. Luca rushed up the steps and engaged another, dropping him quickly. Radess hung back with Kalec as they peppered Kobolds with arrows and eldritch blasts.

The Kobolds reacted quickly and released two large scorpions from cages that immediatly started to rush the heroes. A Kobold priest took cover behind his two bodyguards and did not hesitate to begin pounding Luca and Desmond with powerful blasts of force magic. Radess drew the attention of one of the Priest's bodyguards and also one of the scorpions. Quick on his feet, he kept them chasing him while he knocked arrow after arrow into his pursuers.

Kalec, determined to show the Kobold priest what real power was, focused a great deal of power into one devastating attack. The priest was annihiliated. The priest's utter destruction shook the morale of the rest of the Kobolds. And after Luca and Desmond dispatched the other bodyguard and scorpion, the rest of the Kobolds dropped their weapons and fled. However, a disgusted Radess wouldn't let that happen. Taking his time, he knocked an arrow into the back of each of the fleeing kobolds. Leaving nothing alive.

The job was done. The entrance was clear. Curiousity quickly overcame everyone and they began investigating the temple entrance. As Radess and Luca kept a careful watch over the area, Desmond began to look at the large sealed door and Kalec tried to make sense of the Draconic symbology that seemed to be carved into every facet of the temple entrance.

Desmond figured the door out. It's completely sealed from the inside. There would be no way for them to physically unlock the door from the outside. That is until Kalec suggested that he use one of his magical rituals to open the door. They discussed the repurcussions of such an idea. Ulric only wanted them to clear out the Kobolds milling around the entrance. He said nothing about breaking into the temple. They decided that they just couldn't chance it if there were more Kobolds in the temple. It would be too big of a threat the the people of Orchard Valley. They had to break in and make sure for themselves.

The whole process took Kalec fifteen minutes or so, but his magic worked perfectly. The large stone doors opened with a loud 'HISS' as the heroes were washed over with stagnant air and the smell of decay. In the small room beyond the doors was a wide stone staircase heading downward. What made the staircase more interesting was the fact that it was completely flooded, the water level came all the way up to the stone floor of the temple entrance. In one of the corners of the room lay the decayed remains of an unknown adventurer.

The deceased seems to have been stripped of most of his belongings with the exception of a journal. Together, they read the journal of Kaz Fallman. What they deciphered was that Kaz and his friend Wyatt were treasure hunters from Three Rivers, they got into the temple but Kaz was mortally wounded in the process. Kaz stayed behind to bleed out and his partner Wyatt would continue on. Kaz makes reference in his journal that if Wyatt should make it out of the Temple alive, he should find Kaz's Son and give him his family heirloom, an armlet.

With no sign of Wyatt's body, the four conclude that he must have continued down the watery stair case. Kalec, once again prepares for another ritual he happens to have: Water Breathing. (how convenient that Ulric would give them two very vital ritual scrolls..) Within ten minutes Kalec's magic took effect. All four boys could breathe comfortable underwater. Off down the stairs they go!

200 feet later they reach another room. Still completely submerged in water, they begin to investigate. They find a couple of doors, a few switches, and some partially preserved dead bodies floating about the room. The few kobold bodies they found they ignored, the human body got a little more attention. Wyatt's body was found carrying tools and gear taken off of Kaz's body. They also found the Fallman family armlet. After inspecting the switches, Desmond activated the one that drained all the water out of the room. After a couple of minutes all the water was gone, flowed through a drainage door. 

After dismantling the drainage door and gathering some more secret loot, they continued through the other door. They entered some kind of air lock for a few moments and then into a larger room… full of kobolds. This large room was filled with several large braziers that were being fueled by kobolds shoveling insence into them. The pungent stench of insence emmanated off of the wet temple walls. In the center of this large room was a wide bladed fan that seemed to circulate the scented air about the room and push it into a system of ventilation shafts.

What the kobolds were doing by burning insence 24 hours a day, they did not know. But they did know that kobold are Tainted and tainted get destroyed. The four heroes stayed close to eachother and let the twenty-some kobolds wash over them. Spears jabbed, javelins launched, slings shot, and swords stabbed. The heroes stoically held their footing. Every few seconds at least a few kobolds fell dead. The heroes were hurting, but the kobolds were dying.

After a minute of weapons clashing and blood spilling, all the kobolds were dead, except for one. Luca spared the life of one helpless kobold for a few moments to drill him for answers. The kobold explained that if they stop burning insence, then it'll awaken Ssylacrid. The boys swallowed hard. They could only imagine who or what Ssylacrid was. They off'd the last kobold and continued investigating the temple.

They discovered a few small chambers used for resting kobolds that were mostly empty. Another room, refered to as the "Founder's Room" had six statues of the original Masterson founders of the temple. Each of the statues held either an orb, sword, or shield. This room happened to be filthy, a kobold cook was using it to make food for all the working kobolds. He was annihiliated by the party.

The heroes pressed forward. Another air lock was found that seemed to lead even deeper into the temple…

Somewhere nearby, Ssylacrid stirs in his sleep.



I’m dying to give Ssylacrid some of my +1 smiting!!!

The Sunken Temple

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