Council of Stars

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day
 Desmond Lunacrest, his brother Kalec Lunacrest, Luca Hagen, and Radess joined the town at the Shrine for the Fallen. There, Nils Omillow said some kind words for the victims of The Wall of Man and also a short sermon on the meaning of true sacrifice.
After the ceremony at the shrine, the somber townspeople took the short walk back to Thrivlen. Spirits shifted quickly when they arrived in town and marched to the Great Hall where Milly Kaplon and her daughters had arranged a very special gathering place for the party that was about to ensue. Outside of the Great Hall, tents had been erected to house the overflow of townspeople. 
The four boys plus Penny Omillow joined the town in drinking and eating. A "Norse" like celebration, drinking to the honorable dead. The festivities lasted late into the night. Late enough where there were plenty liquored-up townspeople stumbling around trying to find their way around.
It was late into the night where they encountered a few drunk town-folk "talking down"  Rovilliard. Desmond and Luca gave them a mouthful. They successfully corrected the inebriated party goers and they went on their way. Soon after a certain "Mr. Garson" approached the boys about clearing out the Froglodyte village in the south, near the waterfall. Mr. Garson is a contractor from Three Rivers and needs a place  to put his lumber camp, and the Froglodytes live in the perfect spot. The boys were hesitant to take the man's money and do the deed. They said they'd get back to him about the job.
Luca, Desmond, Radess, and Kalec decided to call it a night. They had a big day ahead of them. Ulric Masterson is still waiting on the boys to investigate and clear out the Temple entrance. Penny was sad that she couldn't be apart of the action.
Everyone made their way home.
NEXT: The Sunken Temple


I don’t believe I would have just gone home…. what the hell who played my charatcer in my absence :)

Remembrance Day

why wouldn’t you go home? It was the middle of the night and you guys had a big adventure the next day.

Remembrance Day

Luca encouraged everyone to get some rest before our big/first job.

Remembrance Day

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