Council of Stars

Neck deep in Goblins

Our teen heroes of Thrivlen left off in a long corridor deep in Tainted Hill.

 They continued down the corridor to find a large supply room and a finely engineered elevator system to transport goods to a lower level. Guarding this room were a handful of goblins that fell quickly to the surprise attack our heroes had landed. The group was surprised to see that the goblins were transporting bushels of apples… Orchard Valley apples. They must have stolen them in the night. Also amongst the supplies were a variety of low end magical components.

The elevator could support a lot of weight but needed somebody to operate the crank to raise or lower the platform. Luca Hagen went to work on the crank and began to lower the party down… But not before Kalec Lunacrest had a chance to nab a +1 cloak of resistance after a successful search of the room. So they all slowly were being lowered down by Luca, not knowing where this elevator would lead. After a good 100'... the walls around the elevator opened up into a similar room to where the started. They were still 20' off the ground and were still being lowered, and they broke into action as soon as they saw the unsuspecting goblin workers waiting impatiently for the next supply of goods to be loaded off of the elevator.

Instead of supplies they got pain. Kalec Lunacrest rained down dark energy, Penny Omillow peppered goblins with arrows, and Desmond Lunacrest executed a few headshots with his crossbow. By the time the elevator finished its last 20' descent, most of the goblins had been slain. Meanwhile Luca was working the elevator controls knowing nothing of the fight. Once he was done lowering the platform, he jumped onto the chain and began to climb down the 100' shaft to meet up with his allies.

After the fight, they dusted themselves off and decided to continue. From this new supply/elevator room there were 2 doors and a corridor. They picked a door, Desmond Lunacrest impressed Penny Omillow with his mad thievery skills when he picked the locked door. Kalec and Desmond decided to scout ahead 30' or so while Luca and Penny held back to make sure there wasn't a trap. Well… There was. Once Kalec and Desmond got  about 20' from the other two a solid stone door shot up from the ground, seperating the party, and trapping Kalec and Desmond in a large room that began to flood with goblins.

Panic set in as 16 goblins and 2 goblin crossbowmen began to charge Kalec and Desmond. Desmond Lunacrest desperately tried to find the trigger switch for the trap so he could reverse the trap and escape. Goblins flooded around Kalec Lunacrest fast and he had no choice but to unleash his dark power upon them, but there were just too many! Desmond yelled for help after a second failed attempt at opening the door to safety. Meanwhile Luca Hagen was pacing back and forth on the other side of the door wondering what was happening. After hearing the desperate plea for help he sprang into action. Propping up his shield, he used it like a plow as he charged and crashed into the solid stone door with everything he had. (Using up a hero point) He got a critical success and blasted open a shield sized hole through the door.

Kalec Lunacrest ignored all the piercing goblin strikes as he dove through the newly created escape hole. Desmond Lunacrest followed after, but not before executing a pursuing goblin. Luca  plugged the hole with his shield so the goblins wouldn't scurry through. ::sigh:: We're safe! SHHH-KUNG! The door shot back down into the ground where it hid, the goblins knew how to activate their own trap. Now the hallway was absolutely flooded with goblins. They were assaulting with piercing short swords and flying crossbow bolts all over the place. Luca Hagen stood his ground and let almost nothing through his defense. Cut down any goblin in front of him and crushed any with his shield that tried to sneak past.

After a long and bloody battle, 16 goblin corpses lay dead in a heap. The adventurers literally had to climb over the bodies that filled the hallway to continue on. They came into a large room (that was trapped with springing spear traps, Luca learned the hard way) and they found a large stone door that was operated by a hidden switch. The door had a dangerous and ominous look to it… The heroes decided to come back to this fun door later.

Back to the elevator room. Desmond began preparations to pick the next locked door. Luca wouldn't have it. SMASH, he kicks the double doors inwards breaking the hinges. Inside was a small circular room with some kind of ritual circle drawn into the floor. 4 Goblins and a Hobgoblin caster were inside working on the room and were surprised by this human interruption. The goblins were slain within seconds, but the Hobgoblin proved to be more of a challenge. After firing off an explosive arsenal of force spells, the caster was killed. Kalec Lunacrest inspected the room and the ritual circle. It appeared that they were creating a more permanant version of the summoning circle that was found out in the woods from the last adventure (A not so silent hill). The circle was not complete, and will never be completed. The teens from Thrivlen saw to that.

 Battered, bruised, cut, and tired, the heroes trudged on. They returned to the elevator/supply room and followed the corridor out of it. The corridor lead them to a long bridge that loomed over an underground lake 50' some feet below. At the end of the bridge was an opening to another room. As they reached the halfway point on the bridge, a hiding goblin activated a nasty, last resort style trap. The ceiling began to cave in on the heroes, rocks and stalactites fell from above. They all were battered down by the falling stones, but made it to cover quickly. After executing the pesky goblin, they continued into the next room. It appeared to be just a sleeping quarters and armory for all the goblinoid warriors. They did a quick search and decided that the ominous door was all that was left.

Back to the door! Desmond flipped the activation switch for the large stone door. Behind it was small circular room with a giant magical (inactive) portal and it's guardians. Kobolds! Nasty dirty little kobolds! They must have been the ones to set all these traps and were probably the ones that brought goblins back to Tainted Hill. A barrage of javelins, spears, and sling bullets assaulted the heroes, bludgeoning and piercing their defenses. They were tired and hurt, but pressed hard and made bloody messes out of each of these draconian bastards. Then all was silent. But the portal remained. Kalec sat down, determined to figure out the portal, and began to take notes and sketches of the magical structure. Desmond remembered that the 3 mysterious strangers they encountered before were here to retrieve some special object. "We must have missed it" he thought, so Desmond set out to back track their steps searching for an item or a clue. Luca and Penny decided to guard the elevator, if anything was gonna get the jump on them, it'd be from the elevator.

Speak of the devil! The elevator began to raise back to where the heroes came down from. Somebody was trying to come down. Luca and Penny warned the others that they'd soon have company. Kalec, with not enough time to finish his notes, ran back to the elevator to join Penny and Luca. They were ready for a scrap. Meanwhile Desmond was searching crazily for that special object, he was determined to find it before the strangers did.

The elevator descended and came to a stop in front of the 3. It was Baroness Akta Flarehaven and Commander Ashmore Drakeesiss. The third member, Keeper Brik Hammeroath was above a floor, operating the elevator. Akta and Ashmore peacefully approached the teens and explained that they were here for something. Meanwhile, Desmond found a false floor piece in the barracks room they were in before. Underneath he found a very expensive looking gem and an odd looking golden rod. It was 18" long, surprisingly heavy at 25lbs, and inscribed with strange markings. He excitedly hid it in his backpack and ran back to the elevator to find the Tiefling and Dragonborn confronting his friends about the golden rod. Desmond played it cool and went along with it.

Ashmore instructed the teens to take turns being searched before they get on the elevator, if they did as he said, they could return home, unharmed. Knowing that the strangers really didn't want to harm the teens, they did as he said and took turns getting on the elevator after the quick search. Ashmore inevitably found the heavy golden rod in Desmond's backpack. Akta and Ashmore seemed very pleased to find what they came for. Luca told them "You got what you came for, now leave us alone." The strangers were pleased to oblige. They climbed onto the elevator and yelled up to Brik to hoist them up. Away they went, leaving the heroes alone again, amongst the quiet chambers of Tainted Hill.

Kalec returned to his sketches and studies of the portal. He concluded there was a special ritual required to open the portal. He'd need to go back to town and speak with his mentor Solomon and see if he could help him out. Back to town… they all thought. They were covered in bruises and gashes, not to mention their clothes were soaked in goblin guts. They were all afraid to go back to town, they are just kids! The townspeople are going to be outraged! The reality is that they did what none of the townsfolk could have done, deep down, they knew they were heroes.

They made their way back up the elevator and left the cave through the same way they had entered. The rain had stopped, and the sun had now peaked on the horizon. They could see Thrivlen off down the hill.

"I think its far past your curfew, kids." Came a familiar voice from behind them. Standing on the hill, above the entrance to the cave, was Rovilliard and he was beaming with pride. His young friends did a great thing today! The teens smirked and thought "Great timing Rover, where were you when we were neck deep in goblins?"


Awe yeah!!! Kicking gobbo ass from here to christmas!!!

Neck deep in Goblins

Our young heroes are totally badass. I cant wait to get back into 4e!

Neck deep in Goblins

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