Council of Stars

A not so silent hill

Penny Omillow found a strange runic circle in a clearing just outside of Tainted Hill. She knew Kalec Lunacrest would know more about it, so she sought him out and found him, his twin brother Desmond, and Luca Hagen outside of town fooling around with their kendo training swords.

 Penny brought the boys over to the circle and Kalec determined it to be some sort of goblin-made summoning circle! This can't be good. Not only did they find this tainted circle, but they also found footprints in the dirt, a trail leading away from town, deeper into  the dark woods.

 It began to rain. No time to find Rovilliard, they had to investigate before the rain washed the tracks away. The tracks brought them to Tainted Hill and to a hobgoblin that was keeping watch over the area. They got a jump on the hobgoblin and dispatched him before he was even able to grab his weapon. Their first kill. All four of them have spilled blood now. Killed a humanoid. A tainted humanoid but the shock was just as great. A sense of duty washed over them as they realized that there must be more tainted in the area, and they must be killed. 

They decended into Tainted Hill. After avoiding a trap, they engaged in battle with a small group of goblins that were defending a locked door. After defeating the goblins, and picking the locked door they continued into a corridor filled with more goblins and a cage of fire beetles.

After defeating everything in the corridor they came upon another locked door, but it was barred from the inside. Bloody footsteps lead into this locked room. The party followed the footsteps around the corner to find four goblins already slain by others and another entrance to the dungeon. They investigated the locked room once more to find that there were three people inside, speaking draconic. Kalec Lunacrest translated the conversation for the rest of the party.

It turns out these three are here at tainted hill for some item they need to retrieve. It's unclear on what they need to find, but they know of the Thrivlen teenager's presence and they plan on leaving them to explore the rest of the dungeon (let them do the dirty work, so all they need to do is come in after and grab what they need). The heroes were unsettled by these mysterious draconic speaking beings. But they chose to continue on just the same. Onward deeper into Tainted Hill.

Shortly after, a small natural cave formation was found, it lead the party off the main path about 50ft or so. The cave was filled with stirge and the remains of their last meal. On the far end of the stirge cave the heroes noticed an unlocked chest. Desmond bravely snuck across the cave, careful not to disturb the stirge that rested on the cave's ceiling. He retrieved the chest safely and after they left the small cave they celebrated in finding a small fortune of gold (well, for these country boys it was) and a couple magical potions.

They split the money and continued further down the path. What will they find? Till next time…



A not so silent hill

Woot linguist ftw!

A not so silent hill

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